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Spoon Swirl

I am one of those people who thinks about the upcoming Christmas season all year long. I have to hold myself back from decking my house out with red and green before the end of October. Christmas Eve is my most favourite day of the year, that’s when all the magic happens. I dream about fire places and Christmas lights and hot chocolate, the house flooded with the aroma of pine from the tree and humming along to Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

And as the weather turned chilly and there is snow in the forecast (Welcome to Canada), it got me thinking even more about the sweet holiday. So I present to you: Hollyberry, Evergreen and Eggnog.


Hollyberry was made using a spoon technique that I will talk about down below, it takes a little bit more time and patience. It has a well-balanced blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove and lemon.

Evergreen has a strip of glitter gold mica on the bottom and drizzled on top and it is a wonderful top notes of blue spruce and musk, a heart of precious woods, and a well-supported base of amber.

Eggnog is my personal favourite. Get in the holiday spirit with this dreamy concoction consisting of cinnamon with a touch of nutmeg, golden rum, rich cream and creamy vanilla. This fragrance is enough to make your taste buds tingle.

This premium Cocoa Butter base is made with 5% unrefined cocoa butter, natural vegetable skin care oils, oat protein and 20% vegetable glycerin, making this soap both moisturizing and cleansing for the skin. Cocoa Butter Soap produces a light and creamy lather that you’re sure to love!

These will all be available at for $5.00 a bar. These flavours will also be available as a lip balm. It’s never too soon to start thinking about gifts, or maybe a little treat for yourself.

Hollyberry Process

Now for that spooning thing I mentioned earlier. The process is quite simple, just put on some music and take your time. The spoon swirl design is achieved by dividing the soap up and colouring each in portion with contrasting colours. Then, using a spoon, you literally spoon each colour into the soap mould alternating colours until the soap mould is filled.


After you have made your soap base, divide it into separate containers and color each one differently. For the Hollyberry soap I used just the base white, red, mint and grey.  Start with the first color and drizzle one spoonful of soap base into the soap mould. Then the next, and the next and so on until all the soap is used up. It takes a little while but the soap mould is full. If the batter starts to thicken up too much while you’re working, just give it a stir to loosen it up. Once the mould is filled, wrap the soap and leave it to insulate. The next day, unwrap and it cuts as normal.



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