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Fondant Cake Toppers – Shaggy Dog Tutorial

Fondant cake toppers are a great and easy way to dress up a cake, and let’s face it, absolutely adorable. It looks like winter has officially begun here in the Great White North and it has gotten me in the Christmas spirit. So last night I was looking through Pinterest and was getting some cake ideas and I found a Charlie Brown Christmas themed cake and I loved it. I thought I would put my own spin on in it and I went with an Old English Sheep dog instead. I’ll add tutorials for the other pieces that will be made for a cake and then we will see how it looks all together so stay with me here.

List of Materials
– Wilton rolled fondant

– Bakers twine
– Peony petal dust
– Brush
– Black edible marker
– Wilton modeling tools
– Black pearl sprinkle
– Wire
– Netflix

I wanted this topper to be a bit bigger than what I would usually make as it is to be more cartoon-ish. For the head I used a piece of fondant about the size of my palm and rolled it into a ball. Then used a modeling tool to poke out the mouth and a ball tool to round out the cheeks. Then made the nose with a small ball of fondant and I took a paring knife to make the line down the middle. Brush a little water and insert a black pearl for the nose. With a little bit of food coloring I just painted the inside of the mouth so that it would be dark and add a little depth and added a kissable tongue. Then just to give our pooch some color, brush some petal dust on the cheeks.


Now for the shag. All I did was roll little pieces of fondant into baby snake-like shapes in different sizes and thicknesses. Brush a little water to the tips and attach to the head. Start lower down and work your way up to the top layers. With a pointy modeling tool just gently push the in the tip of the little pieces into the head, just to keep it secure.



For the body I made it about the height of my fist, straight in the front and slightly angled the back. I rolled out a thin piece of grey fondant, same color as used for the ears, and made a patch. I inserted a thick flower wire for support and to attach the head.


His legs are made from a cylinder shape about the size of my index finger. I added some petal dust to the bottom of his back paws and with the edible marker made little lines to show nails.


I made his chest just with a rolled out v-shape and it looked good in the front, but the sides and back, it didn’t work at all. So I decided to put shag over top of it. I used the same method as for the top of the head and added in a bit of the grey color too.


I was going to leave it just like that and then I looked out the window and it was snowing and knew that he had to be tangled up in lights. I cut a piece of bakers twine and squeezed on little balls of different colored fondant. Once it is secured onto the twine, just gently squeeze the tips to shape it like a triangle to look more light-like. And that’s all there is to it.


I am still designing the cake. A smooth fondant covered round cake with either a snowy doghouse or a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree and Christmas light swags? Any suggestions?

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