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Poppy Flower Fondant Cake Topper

Hello friends! The weather outside is frightful, but in the kitchen it smells so delightful. I am working on making deep colored flowers to go on top of jumbo sized cupcakes for someone’s birthday. I am going to share with you an easy way to make a large poppy flower. Remember when doing fondant toppers to make them a few days in advance before putting them on your cake. They need time to dry so that they will hold their shape or they will look wilted. This tutorial will show you the process spread out over two days. Today is the third day and they are still drying in position and they will go on the cupcakes for tomorrow. So keep that in mind.

Materials Used
– Wilton rolled white fondant
– Cocoa powder
– Red, copper and blue coloring
– Heart shaped cutters, various sizes
– Small flower cutter
– Black pearl sugar balls
– Wilton ball modeling tool
– Water and brush

A great tip to get a dark color such as red without overloading with coloring, is to add cocoa powder to it first.

That’s what I did here. I mixed in about 2 tablespoons to this ball of fondant before adding the red and copper coloring. It worked like a charm. If you get too much coloring in there, the fondant is going to be sticky which will make it almost impossible to work with.

Now roll out the fondant quite thin and cut out the petals using heart shaped cutters. I cut out 3 large hearts and 4 small ones. Then take each heart and use the ball tool and roll over the edges back and forth, thinning them out and making them more flower-like.


To make the purple center, I used leftover red fondant and added some blue to make a dark purple. Roll it out thin and cut out 2 flowers. Use the same method as the red hearts and roll out the edges.


I set the red petals along the inside of my jumbo cupcake pan to let them dry into a curved shape. The purple flowers were left to dry just gently pushed into their own cutter. I left them for almost a full 24 hours before assembling the petals together and they were still a little soft.



To put them all together all that is needed is to brush a little water where you want the pieces to stick together. Gently layer each petal. For the smaller purple flowers, it is more difficult to get them set into each other properly without wrecking the tips. I get it in as best I can and then gently push the top flower in with the end of the paint brush and then secured it to the center of the red petals.



I was going to leave it like that, but because of my ‘end of the paintbrush’ technique, I poked a very obvious hole in the center. Adding black sugar pearls finished off the flower and hid my little mishap.

I want to let the completed flower dry a little while longer, to keep its shape, I placed it the jumbo cupcake pan to act as a mould and let it dry again over night. All that is left to do is bake and assemble.


When I started with the idea that I could do cake decorating I never considered the extra amount of time it takes to make the little fondant pieces and give them proper drying time. I have had stressful last moments because they weren’t completely dry yet and were literally falling apart.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is to plan ahead.


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