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Easy Burp Cloths

A good Friday night is being left alone with my sewing machine and a glass of wine. I moved my work area into the kitchen as my office is freezing! The joys of living in an older house, very poor insulation. A lot of my friends are having babies lately, must be something in the water, and I wanted to make them a special gift that is equally adorable as they are useful.


1/3 yard Patterned flannel or cotton, prewashed
1/3 yard Chenille or minky, prewashed
Thread and needle
Rotary Cutter
Cutting mat

I chose a soft patterned flannel and a cotton and made both kinds. I do not prefer to work with one over the other and didn’t run into any issues. I used chenille and minky for the backs because they are super soft and are extremely absorbent which is perfect for what we want.

To make the burp cloths, cut out one rectangle 10×18 inches out of each fabric, one of the pattern and one of the back.


Lay the two pieces together with the front sides facing each other. Minky and Chenille are both very stretchy fabric so I suggest that you add pins in the middle to hold it in place as well as along the edges, it will keep the chenille from pulling/stretching and making a pucker in the front.

Sew all along the edges leaving a 1.5 inch opening at the top. Pull the fabric through the hole to turn it right side out. Using a needle and thread, hand sew the opening closed. (This is also a good place to add a label/tag if you plan to sell them)


And voila, you have a burp cloth! Very easy and quick to complete. To finish it off, add a top stitch with using matching thread. I did one with a top stitch and it was all wobbly and didn’t look very nice in the end so I just opted out of doing that for the rest.


Then iron them and use a lint roller to pick up any threads or little fuzzies. I do three together with different patterns that go together and wrap a silk ribbon around them and they are just gosh darn cute, makes me wish I had a little baby of my own to use them on, but for now they are just a precious gift for you!


Is this something you would like to see for a give-away? Let me know!

Watch for the matching taggie quilts and baby blankets

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