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I Remember

“We must remember. If we do not, the sacrifice of those one hundred thousand Canadian lives will be meaningless. They died for us, for their homes and families and friends, for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in; they died for Canada. The meaning of their sacrifice rests with our collective national consciousness; our future is their monument.” – Heather Robertson

If anything, Remembrance Day is a day to reflect. It is a day to have a moment of silence at 11 am and give thanks to all those who fought and survived, and to those who died for their country. It’s a day of collective action, where we come together as a united nation to show our support and gratitude to all who served and to those currently enlisted; the red Poppy being our symbol of solidarity.

I grew up in a strong military town, although my family was not a part of the military, we were always surrounded by many families that were. We would be woken up by the sounds of planes flying overhead and practice artillery being used. We could feel the vibrations from impacts. Groups of soldiers would be placed on base to go through extensive training usually for 3 months. That’s 12 weeks of being away from their homes and families. They get put up in bunks or tents depending on what their training is. It is not an easy life, but they willingly sacrifice for our safety and protection.

I remember it being difficult in school, when I would make friends with someone and then they would be relocated over the summer and I wouldn’t see them again. It is not only the sacrifice for the soldier, but for their families as well. It takes strong people to be uprooted and leave people behind and start over again in a new community. I don’t only remember fallen soldiers on the day of remembrance, but of those who are currently serving their country and their devoted families that are standing behind them.

When I was little and we had Remembrance Day ceremonies at school, I remember it being boring and that I didn’t really want to sit there and listen to Veterans speak. But now, I cherish it. I have close friends who completed high school, joined the military and have gone overseas and I worry and pray that they come home safe. I am grateful that I have such brave people in my life who gave up theirs for their country.

Remembrance Day to me is a day of reflection, tribute, and gratitude. A day to remember those who have fought and fallen, a day to honor those that so graciously served their country, and a day to give thanks to those who are keeping us safe. I proudly wear a poppy on my chest, closest to my heart.

All proceeds of the Poppy soaps and lip balms, when purchased in the month of November, will all go directly to The Royal Canadian Legion. These contributions directly support Canada’s serving and retired Veterans and their families, while ensuring Canada never forgets.29177_legion_remembrance_twibbon_eng

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