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Happy Pumpkin Fondant Topper

Happy Halloween everyone!

To be honest, Halloween is my least favourite holiday, I don’t like scary things. A lot of people go into so much work to make a really cool, super scary haunted house and I appreciate the work that goes into something like that, but you won’t catch me there. I am just such a jumpy person even for little things! I think a haunted house would give me a heart attack.

When I was little I always had to wear my winter coat over my princess dress because it always seems to snow on Halloween night. I lived out on a farm so my mom would drive me into town and we would go see all the grandparents for our traditional popcorn ball. My granny worked in a senior’s home and she would take me around to see all her clients and it really made their day. They would sit out together with big bowls of candy just waiting for little kids to come around. By the time we went to all of the lodges, we had more than enough and didn’t need to go door-to-door.

For all you little ghosts and goblins, stay safe when out collecting candy and stay warm!

And for all you little tricksters out there, please don’t do anything harmful to another person or animal.

I know I am a party pooper for Halloween, but I did make a little happy pumpkin fondant topper I will share with you, but only you.


I wasn’t feeling the most creative, my plan was a little different, but it just wasn’t working the way that I wanted it to. This little pumpkin is super cute and only takes a few minutes to make, so it would be perfect to make a bunch and top off some Halloween cupcakes.

First off, roll out a small piece of green fondant into a long, thin, snake thing. Wrap that around a thin handled paint brush. If you do this first, it will be dry enough by the time you are finished everything else to give your little pumpkin a nice curly vine.


Roll a piece of orange fondant into a ball and squish the top down a little to flatten the top. Then take a knife and carve in the little ridges. I took brown petal dust and filled in the little indents to give it a little bit of depth.

Take 2 black sugar pearls and place them below half way down for the eyes.

Carve in the little mouth with a knife or fondant tool. I dipped a paintbrush in straight black coloring and filled in the mouth.

For the stem, just roll a little piece of green fondant. Poke a hole in the top of the pumpkin and then you can push the stem part way down so it will stay in place.


Then wrap the little curly part we made earlier around the stem.


And there you have just a sweet little pumpkin that is Halloween ready.



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