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Vanilla Soap

My boyfriend was watching me make soap on the weekend and he asked if he could make one. Of course he could! I told him that he could be in charge of vanilla. He looked at me like I was giving him the easiest, can’t-possibly-mess-it-up, job in the world. Vanilla is a prestigious scent, I was surprised that I was even going to let him attempt to be in charge of vanilla. In the end, I made it. I decided I wanted it to look luxurious. It is a deep purple with gold accents.

Here’s how it was made.

I make my base soap in bulk so I only have to do it a couple times a year. It is perfect because it is just white and unscented and all I have to do is cut off however much I need, melt it, color it and add the scent and pour it into the mould. Easy peasy.


I made my batch and divided it into three with slightly different colors of purple. I also made a little bit with gold mica. I wanted the gold to show up on the sides to make it a little more interesting so I took a paintbrush and painted the inside of the mould with the gold and let that dry.

Time for purple! I poured in the darkest purple and let that set for a few minutes. Then the next darkest and then the lightest.


The left over gold was then poured over the top.


I think it turned out really pretty and it smells heavenly. I made it for this weekend I am doing my first craft show. I am super nervous so wish me luck! If any is leftover it will be available to you via my etsy site,


The photo above is the side view, the gold painted on the sides turned out really neat!

If you purchase through etsy and you follow this blog, let me know and you will receive a special gift with your purchase! They are 3.75oz bars

Have a great day everyone.

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