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Who Wants Diamonds?

Who needs diamonds when you can have puppies?

It has been almost a year since losing my sweet Finley. She was a St Bernard cross and I got her a few months into moving into my house. I had never lived alone before and after the first month, I wasn’t a fan. It was nice to be able to leave all day and not worry about rushing home, but I am a home body anyways. I lost Finley beginning of December last year. It was hard. I cried for weeks. And for months after, I would wake up because I thought I could feel the weight of her jumping onto the bed. She knew I still needed her.


A few months of healing later, I still felt that I couldn’t live alone. I just don’t like being home without a dog. I am a dog person. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy a puppy. I just couldn’t commit to one because, what if it wasn’t the right one for me? When I got Finley, I found an ad and there were only a few puppies left. There was a gorgeous all white one and that’s the one I was going for. When I got there, all the puppies were so excited to get out of their kennel and play with each other that they didn’t even notice that I was there. And then this shy little puppy walked from the blanket, over to me, and rolled over for a belly rub. And I took her home. I didn’t pick her, she picked me. So I have been very cautious about picking the right one.

Then I met Emily. She is actually a puppy to the family dog we had when I was in high school and she belonged to an aunt of mine. I went to see my auntie one night as she had fallen quite ill and when I was there I petted Emily, she was all matted up and desperately needed some tlc. I looked at her and we instantly bonded. I took her home with me. I had to shave her nearly to nothing to get all the mats and smoke smell out. She was given a regular bath and I rubbed coconut oil into her skin every day. She is never far from my side. You won’t find a sweeter dog than my Emmy.


As I started working longer hours and with Emmy being quite anxious every time I leave the house, I thought again about getting another dog. I was always looking out for the ‘right one’. But again, would never commit to getting one.

It was last month and I was turning 24 in a few days, I had been terribly sick with a cold. I never take a sick day but this had me knocked down that I decided to take the next day off. That night, Mike said he would come over and take care of me since I was going to be home all of the next day. I was upstairs when he got there and I didn’t really want to leave my bed. But I managed to get downstairs and when I turned the corner, there he was, holding a box that contained a puppy. The same mix as what Finley was. I was in tears I was so happy.


So I have been busier with puppy training than getting crafty for all of you so I thought I should explain why I might not have as many posts coming up.

Choosing a name is very important to me. After a day of bouncing off ideas with each other, we decided to name her Eleanor, after Eleanor Roosevelt. We call her Ellie.




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