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Bee Thankful

Canadian Thanksgiving was just upon us this past weekend. I am so fortunate to have been around friends and family. Standing in a room surrounded by loved ones having a good time with each other, children playing and laughing, the men watching the Blue Jay’s game and the women drinking wine in the kitchen telling stories, really makes you realize how much you have to be thankful for. It’s not the things in life that make you tear up because you love them so much, it’s the people. It shouldn’t take a holiday to make us remember to show gratitude but sometimes it is a good reminder to do it every day. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend it with the people most special to you.

Today I am going to share with you these adorable beehive cookies. I got into cookie decorating last Christmas just for another thing to keep busy during the winter and I really love it. I hope that you see these and realize really how simple they are to do. For these cookies I used my favourite cookie recipe but replaced the sugar with honey, delicious!

Materials used:

– Yellow ‘honey’ consistency royal icing
– Black ‘honey’ consistency royal icing
– White ‘honey’ consistency royal icing
– Brown, yellow and pearl petal dust
– Brush
– Black edible marker
– Beehive and bee cookie cutter

For these I used a 4” beehive cutter and 2 7/8” bee cookie cutter. These were both purchased from Flour Confections which is located in Pickering, Ontario. I get super excited to find places that I can purchase items online that are located in Canada. Here’s the link to these cutters if you wish to purchase them yourself. I highly recommend shopping here, they are super friendly to deal with and fast shipping.

First I flooded the beehive with a deep yellow using a ‘honey’ consistency. I prefer to use that consistency so I don’t have to bother with having an outline, a flood and a medium, it’s just too much hassle and is unnecessary most of the time.


Not bad, but kind of plain and boring, it needs something more. Using petal dust, also purchased from flour confections, I brushed a brown color in the creases and along the edges to give it a bit of depth, and a brush of a lighter yellow for a highlight. There’s no extract added to the petal dust it is just dry brushed.


Ahhh, that’s more like it

On to the bees. Using the same yellow and the same honey consistency, fill the yellow stripes and let them dry completely, and then fill the black stripes. I also used the brown petal dust and brushed the edges of the yellow part on the bees to give them a rounded appearance. Flood the wings just with a white icing. Use a silver pearl dust and go over the wings.


I attached the bee to the front of the beehive just by adding a dab of icing to the back of the bee to secure it in place. Take a black edible marker and leave a special message.


Such an adorable little cookie! Very simple and easy to do. Leave some feedback! What would you do differently? To make the Bee more interesting, I should have painted little veins in the wings. Oh well there is always next time!





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