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10 Minute Reversible Dog Bandana


I had an eventful evening taking Christmas photos of my fur babies! They didn’t really enjoy it as much as I did. I am excited to share with you these super easy reversible bandanas. It is really so simple and would be a great kids sewing project to make for their furry friends.


I found some Christmas themed fat quarters in a tote the other day. It was a little bundle that was given to me, I think when I first moved into my house and never touched them, I actually forgot about them, (sorry granny).


So simple, easily a 15 minute maximum project.

Lay out your fat quarter flat and cut it lengthways on a diagonal. For a smaller dog, I would square it first and then cut it on a diagonal. Ellie will be bigger so the extra length will make it easier to tie.


We need two triangles, repeat with another pattern or use the other half of the first cut.

Lay the two pieces facing each other and pin.


I was going to serge them together to make it nice and neat, but my serger unthreaded itself and I didn’t feel like looking up how to re-thread it.


Sew along all three sides, leaving an inch gap.


Pull the fabric through the gap to bring it right side out.

Fold in the edges of the gap and pin.

Using an iron, press down the edges and then sew a top stitch all around the bandana.


And voila!

Now for the models….


I took it one step further….Elf Emmy and Elf Ellie!


Sigh…..These babies are my life, unfortunately that means this is the sort of thing they have to endure. Don’t they look pleased?




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