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Bernat Faux Fur Pom-Pom

Good morning lovelies!

It is officially 11 days until Christmas and it is such a stressful time. Really feeling the time-crunch pressure here. I am currently working on making a crochet mitten pattern and I got a beautiful one done, my problem now is that I didn’t write down the exact number of stitches and pattern so I am having issues making the second one to match. It’s the left hand if you happen to be in the market for one, really pretty left hand mitten. You never know.

This gorgeous red toque was originally planned to have a little emblem similar to the Eleanor Roosevelt one, I decided to go with a Bernat Faux Fur Pom-Pom because they seem to be all the rage right now. I will admit that I over-paid for this pom-pom, like seriously over-paid. I didn’t realize it until I got home and looked at the bill. I knew they were around $6 but I paid….wait for it, $9. Like I would normally sell this for $20, but the dang thing cost me $17. Plus the 1-2 hours to make it. That’s just the way the yarn unravels sometimes. *Insert laughter for my punny joke*


This is an easy project if you are looking for something quick. Use the pattern from the Stepping Texture Hat that I posted earlier, use a chunkier yarn and throw on this adorable fuzzy pom-pom.

But please get the pom-pom from a place like Yarn Canada, $5.25

There are a solid 11 days left to get it all done, so if you only consume coffee and don’t sleep, you might just get it all done!



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