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Julie Graduation Photo Session

She is the most precious being on Earth. Ok, I might be a little biased as she is my baby sister. Juliana is all grown up and graduated from high school, ready to start her new life adventure. Wherever she ends up I know that she will light up the world around her with that sweet smile of hers. I was fortunate enough to be her hair/makeup/photographer for the day….and it was a long one. Her hair is so luscious and long we had to be curling hair at 7a.m. Try getting a teenager out of bed that early on a Saturday, it was not easy. With a coffee in one hand and fresh croissants in the other I flipped the lights on and said, “It’s time.”

Julie graced us with her beautiful presence on September 25th, 1998. I was beyond ecstatic! I was terrified that I would get stuck with a lame little brother and I fell asleep praying for a sister. Finally there was someone to play dolls and pick flowers with. Little did I know that babies cried, a lot. And they don’t really become any fun until they are much older. But we have an amazing relationship and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She is always the hardest person to say goodbye to when I come home to visit (sorry everyone.)

Fast forward to me trying not to cry through the whole ceremony. I had never been so proud and in awe of such sweet beauty in my whole life.

JRP_3386JRP_3407JRP_3424JRP_3462JRP_3468 (1)JRP_3472JRP_3582JRP_3638

I hope all your wildest dreams come true.

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