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Watermelon Mojito Soap

Hello friends!

Today I am debuting our newest product member, Watermelon Mojito bar soap. Oh my gosh it smells so good! Like summer time. Sipping mojitos on the porch. Hand crafted with so much love it’s barely appropriate.


It is all handmade with love for your skin


Leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. If you are a hygienic hand washer, and I hope that you are, this isn’t going to dry out your skin from constant washing.

This soap is processed in individual batches to ensure richness of ingredients throughout each bar. It is developed in small town Saskatchewan. Not only are you giving your skin  a delightful treat, you are helping support homegrown, homemade and natural and that’s awesome!


2017 has brought us some new packaging. All bar soap is now shrink-wrapped with a cigar band label.


Where can you get yours? Right here in this convenient link.


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Hello 2017, I’ve been waiting for you

We kiss 2016 good-bye at the stroke of midnight, a lost love that will never be again. It is on to bigger and better things. The beginning of anything, the year, the month, the week and every morning is a clean slate, a chance to better yourself, and to move on from the past. Big things are happening for Hudson and Blake in 2017. My line of skincare products are being sold in 3 different retail locations as well as online which is very exciting and not something that I ever dreamed of happening. I could not have done it without the support and encouragement from all of you. I really appreciate every comment, email, inquiry and purchase.

During these cold winter evenings I find myself sitting at my sewing machine more often than not. I have had a few orders flood in for custom baby sets. The basic set includes a 30×35″ stroller blanket that has a soft minky back, and a set of 3 burp clothes of coordinating fabric. There is also baby slippers, teething rings, car seat covers and more. I love being able to create all these baby items. I have been so busy with these different custom orders that I haven’t had a chance to get anything available to the rest of you! Fear not, there will be some product shortly.

The etsy store is slowly coming together, I am slow at getting things up online. So if there is something that you want that you don’t see there, you can always email me your order.

With all these new products and orders and just trying to keep my regular life together, I have decided that it is time to follow through with planning out my weeks and to set those little goals.


I shopped around and read reviews for a plethora of different planners, bullet, happy planner, erin condren life planner, plum paper planner, ibloom life and business planner, and the organized life planner. There are so many options out there! It really comes down to personal preference. I chose the Me and my Big Ideas Happy Planner because it is customizable in every which way.


It basically makes a bullet journal into a bigger, remove and add pages at will without wrecking the book, all in one planner.

You can either draw out your spreads or if you purchase the special hole punch, there are many blank templates that are ready to be printed out and inserted for easy use!



This is my first week layout. I am a visual person, I need to be able to see things laid out so I can see my progress.


Habit trackers are popular in bullet journaling and really is a great idea. My goal is to create healthy habits for myself and to keep track of when I last performed a task to easily see where I need to pull up my socks.

I am excited to spend this year with you all!


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Where Do You Go When Home No Longer Wants You?

1939. Berlin is full of marching soldiers and red, white, and black flags. Eleven-year-old Hannah Rosenthal knows she and her family must escape, but how? And where can they go? Beautiful, Haunting and Gut-wrenching. Truly a story that will touch your heart. Just imagine living where you weren’t accepted because of your religion. A place where happiness disappeared in the blink of an eye and only terror and fear linger in the four corners of your house and your mind. Then to see hope and paradise in a ship named St.Louis that will bring you to a new Country that was suppose to be a place to keep them safe but turned to be terror and agony for many years. I promise you the very first line of this book will pull you in and you will not want to set it down. Tears flooded my eyes many times throughout, you just want to reach in and take all the pain away.

A stunningly ambitious and beautiful debut novel, perfect for fans of Sarah’s Key and All the Light We Cannot See, the story of a twelve-year-old girl’s harrowing experience fleeing Nazi-occupied Germany with her family and best friend, only to discover that the overseas asylum they had been promised is an illusion.

Before everything changed, Hannah Rosenthal lived a charmed life. But now, in 1939, the streets of Berlin are draped with red, white, and black flags; her family’s fine possessions are hauled away; and they are no longer welcome in the places that once felt like home. Hannah and her best friend, Leo Martin, make a pact: come what may, they promise to have a future together.

Nobody heard my cries anymore; nobody bothered about them. Papa told me I was strong. I would survive whatever happened. But not Mama. The pain was gnawing away at her. She was the child in a house where daylight was no longer allowed. For four months, she had been sobbing each night, ever since the city was covered in broken glass and filled with the constant stench of gunpowder, metal, and smoke. That was when they started planning our escape. They decided we’d abandon the house where I was born, and forbade me to go to school, where nobody liked me anymore.

A glimmer of hope appears in the form of the St. Louis, a transatlantic liner that can provide Jews safe passage to Cuba. After a frantic search to obtain visas, the Rosenthals and the Martins depart on the luxurious ship bound for Havana. Life on board the St. Louis is like a surreal holiday for these refugees, with masquerade balls, exquisite meals, and polite, respectful service. But soon ominous rumors from Cuba overshadow the celebratory atmosphere, and the ship that once was their salvation seems likely to become their death sentence. Hannah and Leo must make an impossible choice or risk losing everything that matters.

There are moments when it’s better to accept it’s all over, that there’s nothing more to be done. Give up and abandon hope :surrender.That’s how I felt by then. I didn’t believe in miracles.This had happened to us because we insisted on changing a destiny that was already written. We didn’t have any rights, we couldn’t reinvent history. We were condemned to be deceived from the moment we came into the world.

Seven decades later in New York City, on her twelfth birthday, Anna Rosen receives a package from Hannah, a great-aunt she has never met but who raised her deceased father. In an attempt to piece together her father’s mysterious past, Anna and her mother travel to Havana to meet this elderly relative. Hannah tells them of her astonishing journey on the St. Louis and, for the first time, reveals how she and Leo honored the solemn pact they had made. By connecting the pain of the past to the mysteries of the present, Hannah gives her young great-niece a sense of their shared histories, forever intertwining their lives, honoring those they loved and cruelly lost.


Children on Board the S.S. St. Louis


Pick up your copy HERE

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Coffee Scrub

New product announcement

Here’s to all my coffee lovers out there!

Why should coffee be a part of your skincare routine?

  • Caffeine works as a constrictor to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • It minimizes the appearance of cellulite, temporarily.
  • It exfoliates the skin and makes it silky smooth.
  • Caffeine is loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines.

Some scrubs will use brewed coffee grounds, which means most of the caffeine content is depleted when the grounds are repurposed into a coffee scrub.


This scrub contains fresh ground Robusta coffee beans that contain 2X more caffeine than Arabica beans. This makes our coffee scrub twice as potent. It has great exfoliating properties using coffee grounds, Himalayan rock salt and sugar. It also contains glorious moisturizers such as sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

Apply to the skin in a gentle circular motion, coffee scrub exfoliates the skin, removing your dry, dead skin, to reveal new, healthy-looking skin underneath.

This is an all-natural coffee body scrub that exfoliates, moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Ditch all of your body scrubs that contain harsh chemicals and experience the Hudson Blake difference.

This is safe to use from head to toe! Just be gentle if applying to your face as is a coarse grind to create the ultimate exfoliator.



Packaged in an amber 8oz jar with a black dome lid. This product is available for all you lovelies January 1, 2017. You can order through etsy at OR! Send me a message, leave a comment. If you want it, you will get it.

These are made in small batches to ensure that it is its freshest when you receive it, wait times may vary.



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Bernat Faux Fur Pom-Pom

Good morning lovelies!

It is officially 11 days until Christmas and it is such a stressful time. Really feeling the time-crunch pressure here. I am currently working on making a crochet mitten pattern and I got a beautiful one done, my problem now is that I didn’t write down the exact number of stitches and pattern so I am having issues making the second one to match. It’s the left hand if you happen to be in the market for one, really pretty left hand mitten. You never know.

This gorgeous red toque was originally planned to have a little emblem similar to the Eleanor Roosevelt one, I decided to go with a Bernat Faux Fur Pom-Pom because they seem to be all the rage right now. I will admit that I over-paid for this pom-pom, like seriously over-paid. I didn’t realize it until I got home and looked at the bill. I knew they were around $6 but I paid….wait for it, $9. Like I would normally sell this for $20, but the dang thing cost me $17. Plus the 1-2 hours to make it. That’s just the way the yarn unravels sometimes. *Insert laughter for my punny joke*


This is an easy project if you are looking for something quick. Use the pattern from the Stepping Texture Hat that I posted earlier, use a chunkier yarn and throw on this adorable fuzzy pom-pom.

But please get the pom-pom from a place like Yarn Canada, $5.25

There are a solid 11 days left to get it all done, so if you only consume coffee and don’t sleep, you might just get it all done!



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10 Minute Reversible Dog Bandana


I had an eventful evening taking Christmas photos of my fur babies! They didn’t really enjoy it as much as I did. I am excited to share with you these super easy reversible bandanas. It is really so simple and would be a great kids sewing project to make for their furry friends.


I found some Christmas themed fat quarters in a tote the other day. It was a little bundle that was given to me, I think when I first moved into my house and never touched them, I actually forgot about them, (sorry granny).


So simple, easily a 15 minute maximum project.

Lay out your fat quarter flat and cut it lengthways on a diagonal. For a smaller dog, I would square it first and then cut it on a diagonal. Ellie will be bigger so the extra length will make it easier to tie.


We need two triangles, repeat with another pattern or use the other half of the first cut.

Lay the two pieces facing each other and pin.


I was going to serge them together to make it nice and neat, but my serger unthreaded itself and I didn’t feel like looking up how to re-thread it.


Sew along all three sides, leaving an inch gap.


Pull the fabric through the gap to bring it right side out.

Fold in the edges of the gap and pin.

Using an iron, press down the edges and then sew a top stitch all around the bandana.


And voila!

Now for the models….


I took it one step further….Elf Emmy and Elf Ellie!


Sigh…..These babies are my life, unfortunately that means this is the sort of thing they have to endure. Don’t they look pleased?




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No-Bake Cookie Dough Cheesecake

I spent the weekend renovating my big green bathroom. Mike was there to help me and we taped, prepped and painted the walls a luxurious grey and redid the ceiling. Everything is white and grey and glorious! There is still lots of cleanup left to do but I will get to that throughout the week. It’s nice having everything pulled out so I can go through it and get rid of all those bottles that have half a pump left in them or products that I ended up not really enjoying. And of course little bits and bobs end up there that shouldn’t like jewelry and hair pins and ties. It got a fresh look and has a new spa-like ambiance.

When we took a break in between coats, he wanted to watch Gold Rush and I wanted to pound down a cheesecake. I remember he mentioned once that he doesn’t like cheesecake because it is too rich, and I have to agree. A real rich cheesecake I can’t get through an entire piece, it is delicious, but too much.

However, no-bake cheesecakes are much different. You still get that heavenly, creamy taste that you want, but you could in fact eat the whole thing in one sitting, and that’s what we want.

Normally, I would do the traditional graham cracker crust, but I was also craving cookie dough.

– 4 tbsp butter
– ¼ cup sugar
– ¼ cup chocolate chips
– ½ tsp vanilla
– ¼ tsp baking powder

Whip that all together and spread it in the bottom of your pan, I used a nice 8×8” square pan. Bake at 350°C for 10-12 minutes. This makes the very bottom solid and the middle still ooey-gooey.


– 2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened
– 1/3 cup sugar
– 2 teaspoons lemon juice
– 2 cups heavy whipping cream


– ¼ cup melted milk chocolate chips
– ¼ cup melted white chocolate chips


In a large bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice until smooth. Gradually add cream; beat until stiff peaks form. Transfer to prepared crust. Drizzle the melted chocolate on top. Refrigerate, covered, for a couple hours.

It was a perfect, light and airy dessert that I also had for breakfast the next day.















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Monogram Cookie

It has been such a long and crazy week! I was feeling so drained and mentally exhausted and sometimes when that happens, you just need a little pick-me-up. So I got out all my supplies and made a cookie that was just meant for me. I had been wanting to practice making ‘toothpick roses’ anyways. A toothpick rose is a small rose piped with a Wilton 101 tip and made just on the end of a toothpick. They come out nice and small that is perfect to add onto a cookie.


You need to have very thick royal icing for the rose to take form without turning into just a blob. I did have to empty my piping bag and make it a little stiffer. After that, it is just practice, practice, practice. Or go until you have a hand cramp and can’t function properly anymore. I piped about 60 roses while I was waiting for the flood layer of my cookie to dry and I maybe got 9 roses that looked good enough that could go on a product.

20161129_183619 (1).jpg


I started to pipe a deer silhouette on one of the cookies but it turned out looking like something from a horror film, thus a simple monogram sufficed.


It was pretty, filled my evening and was delicious. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I will be baking cookies all weekend so that they are ready to be decorated throughout the month and hopefully have them in time for Christmas. In between that and my other projects it is going to be a tight scheduled month!


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Cold Buster Soap

Hello friends,

Today I am introducing you to our Cold Buster soap. This soap contains Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Vanilla.

Lavender is a natural disinfectant to rid of those germs without the use of any harsh chemicals. It is also helpful to relieve tension and muscle aches in the body.


Eucalyptus is a natural sinus decongestant. So if you are using this in the tub or the shower, the eucalyptus oil aroma will build up in the steam to help clear you up and help to reduce your cough. Much like lavender, it also has disinfectant properties. Lastly, it is also known to help stimulate your immune system to get you back to feeling your good ol’ self.

Vanilla is attributed to being a relaxing agent and a natural anti-depressant.

It is swirled with bright green and purple to get you excited about hand washing!

The Lavender and Vanilla add a luxurious aroma to this blend, because when you’re not feeling your best, you deserve to be treated like royalty. And though and can’t offer you a hottie with a body to give you a foot rub, this is really the next best thing.

You don’t have to wait until you are knee deep in a butt kicking cold to use these products either, stock up and use once a week in your routine to help ward off those pesky germs.


Other ‘Cold Buster’ products available are the Cold Buster Bath Bomb and Cold Buster Bath Soak.

If you do happen to be sick, go take a hot bath with a Cold Buster product, drink lots of fluids, and get well soon.

Much Love,


Hudson Blake

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Stepping Texture Hat

Hello everyone!

Quick reminder that there is only 31 sleeps to Christmas, it’s go-time to get those gift projects done! ….Or else you will have to purchase them, or perhaps win them, from me 😉

I am the type of person who cannot sit through a movie, unless I am doing something else at the same time, I fall asleep. So this is my ‘movie hat’ because it can be completed in the same amount of time as watching a movie. It will seem like it is going slow because of the ribbing, it is worked in a single crochet using the back loops so it doesn’t feel like you are making much progress. I have made about 20 of this pattern because it is easy and it looks good. I like that it starts from the ribbing and works its way up to the top so that you keep that nice shape. For some reason when I try to make a hat starting from the top and working in a round with the magic circle, it just becomes a rather large circle. It never turns out for me the way I want it to.

Thanks to Christmas with the Kranks for getting me through this one.

The pattern is posted at the bottom of the page!

I opted out of the pom-pom.


I am in love with the warm colors of this yarn!


Without a pom-pom, it felt a little unfinished, So I added a little metal emblem that I found in the jewellery making section of Michaels.


Adorable! The little extra touch pulled it together. It’s harder to see the texture when it isn’t a solid color.

logolicious_20161122_203243An areal view without a pom-pom, just cinched together.


One skein of yarn is all that was needed but as you can see, there wasn’t much left over. This hat fits me but if you need to make one for a larger noggin, be sure to purchase 2 skeins. I always buy 2 of each when I am yarn shopping just in case.

I splurged and got a size 5.25mm hook with the fancy handle because it is the one that I use the most, it wasn’t worth it though as I hold the hook closer to the top anyways. It just makes me look like a serious hooker…. 😉


Stepping Texture Hat Pattern from Yarnspirations

Stepping Texture Hat