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Flooring ReVamp

I bought my house nearly 4 years ago, it is a 1 ½ story home that was built in 1934. What I fell in love with the most was the windowed in sun deck on the front, the large yard and the master bedroom was upstairs. I always loved those old teen movies where the girl appears at the top of the stairs in her prom dress and her date waiting for her at the bottom and everyone is in awe of her beauty as she slowly cascades down the stairs. And that’s what I wanted. The inside felt very old, which is fair. The couple who owned it before ‘antiqued’ the cupboards yellow which was awful. The living room was red and yellow, again, awful. And actually most of the house was painted a pee-yellow color that I just despise. The stairway is still yellow and one part of the basement is still yellow but other than that, I have repainted it all! And I may have even repainted what I’ve painted.

I hope to get a whole home tour up but I am going to start with my dreaded kitchen floor. No one even bothered to put proper flooring in it, all it had was those peel and stick tiles. They are a quick and cheap fix and I will admit they did look great, until they started lifting and breaking which just left the sticky residue underneath exposed to catch all the dirt and dog hair, yuck!


If you look close enough, you can see where the tiles are chipped and peeling.

I am so indecisive and I still haven’t decided what I want to put down for flooring, I am also hoping that I won’t have to do it myself. Then I remembered that in our cabin back home, the living room floor was just painted O.S.B board, it looked ok and cleaned well.

I was in the middle of making supper, it’s possible I might have drank the wine instead of cooked with it, and I stubbed my toe on a tile that was sticking up and I got so mad at it that I just tore it off! It came off quite easily actually, so then I peeled up another one, and that one went great. The third tile, decided to be a little jerk. It didn’t come off as nice as the other ones and it just kept breaking and I was just getting little scraps of tile off. At this point I had done too much to stop there. I had to keep going. I got my hair dryer out and a scraper and I peeled up that floor.


It was one of the worst ideas I have ever had. I got all the tiles off, but there was still a lot of glue residue left that was not coming off. I tried everything. Paint thinner. Goo gone. Hot water and a scraper. Belt sander. Paint stripper. WD40.  I couldn’t tell you what combination of chemicals got it off because I don’t think it all actually came off anyways. I had spent days of hard work scraping this dang floor. I was thinking into the future of me on my death bed and this being one of my biggest regrets.

I did manage to get most of the glue off and then I figured it would just wear off with time. It did. I purchased a deck and floor paint from my local hardware store as it was suggested to hold up in high traffic areas and I got it tinted a ‘pool blue’. My kitchen is white, grey, and aqua. And I knew it would just be a temporary flooring so I thought why not go with something bright and cheery.


I sanded the floor, kinda, and painted the floor. It turned out way better than I was expecting. It has been about 4 months since I have done this and it has held up well. If I don’t put in new flooring soon, it will have to be re-sanded and painted as I didn’t get it quite smooth so cleaning it isn’t my favorite as dirt gets stuck in the little grooves. But if I throw some hot water on it and let it sit for a minute before wiping it, it gets clean as a whistle.


I only did the kitchen half, I left the dining room half with the peel and stick floor because it isn’t an area that gets used much, I’d rather park myself in front of the tv to eat.

But this winter my boyfriend thinks he would like to try a ‘diy’ flooring out of wood. If he wants to do it, I’m going to let him.


So if you are wanting a change, this is a little labour intensive but is the cheapest thing you can do. People like my blue floor so much I wish I could get hardwood in that color!