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Julie Graduation Photo Session

She is the most precious being on Earth. Ok, I might be a little biased as she is my baby sister. Juliana is all grown up and graduated from high school, ready to start her new life adventure. Wherever she ends up I know that she will light up the world around her with that sweet smile of hers. I was fortunate enough to be her hair/makeup/photographer for the day….and it was a long one. Her hair is so luscious and long we had to be curling hair at 7a.m. Try getting a teenager out of bed that early on a Saturday, it was not easy. With a coffee in one hand and fresh croissants in the other I flipped the lights on and said, “It’s time.”

Julie graced us with her beautiful presence on September 25th, 1998. I was beyond ecstatic! I was terrified that I would get stuck with a lame little brother and I fell asleep praying for a sister. Finally there was someone to play dolls and pick flowers with. Little did I know that babies cried, a lot. And they don’t really become any fun until they are much older. But we have an amazing relationship and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She is always the hardest person to say goodbye to when I come home to visit (sorry everyone.)

Fast forward to me trying not to cry through the whole ceremony. I had never been so proud and in awe of such sweet beauty in my whole life.

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I hope all your wildest dreams come true.

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Golden Hour

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. Something to make you feel special, beautiful, and brave. I love doing sessions like this. A girl who is feeling confident and like she can take on the world! We embraced her outer beauty, but it was her inner strength that really pulled through in these photos. The lighting was gorgeous, it was the ‘golden hour.’

The golden hour is simply the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset. These were taken around that time of day. It is also known as the magic hour. Why? Because that is when the sun is lower in the sky and it casts a beautiful soft and diffused glow. Those sharp shadows that you get when the sun is overhead, don’t exist in the magic hour. It also provides a warm golden glow which I usually add in processing so it also cuts down on editing time.







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Beginner Newborn Photography

So here is where I start to get into that photography business I was talking about, Jessica Rae Photography. And just as you would guess, if I start up again it will be Hudson & Blake photography, just to be confusing and inconsistent. I know that it is bad business marketing but that’s ok. I’m in my early 20’s and am still finding where I stand. Like me, there are many of you creative types trying to find your outlet and are thinking, “Hmm, I could do photography.” Let me be the first to tell you, YES! Yes you can. I just beg of you, do your research. For the most part it is easy, you learn how to use the camera, piece of cake. Spend a lot of money on lenses, props, backdrops and packaging materials, hurts the bank account but is super fun to purchase.

Your first few shoots will end up being of your family and friends and that’s great. What better way to practice and work out the kinks? You have a few people, gorgeous light outside, you shoot for an hour or two and then you go home and edit for hours while drinking a glass of wine. Sounds like a good night to me! Then you are ready to deliver your product and they stroke you a cheque. How are more people not doing this?! Then you advertise a little bit, put it up on your Facebook page and let people know that this is what you are into now, post a couple ads, do a little discount at first to build up practice and clients and voila! Requests will start rolling in, weddings, couples, newborns, pets, and hopefully nothing weird and provocative. But have you planned and researched enough to be prepared? Probably not. I sure didn’t.

What if it starts raining right before your scheduled session that this family has paid a deposit on? What if you have to travel to a new area and don’t know where any good spots are? What if your client says, “I don’t know how to pose, you have to tell me what to do.” What if your newborn has colic and won’t stop screaming? What if the day of the wedding it turns brutally cold and is -30 degrees out? What if you just aren’t ready? You won’t be able to be prepared for everything that comes your way, and that’s ok, if you can think on your feet. Whether you realize it or not, as the photographer, you run the show. People are going to be looking at you when these situations arise and you have to be able to direct them. Maybe you packed enough matching umbrellas for everyone and saved the day. Maybe you gathered a bunch of poses and photos you want to recreate with your clients and brought a printout of them to show. A back up plan, maybe even two, are a good way to start with each session.

I have personally experienced every single one of these events. It was stressful. I stuttered and had to take time to think about what we were going to do. I prayed that an amazing idea would come to mind and save the day. I fully support anyone who is trying to or thinking about starting a photography business, because it can be difficult. I’m going to share with you some of these experiences in a series of posts and yes, we are going to rip apart my photos. And I hope that you will learn from my mistakes. Heck, I hope I learn from my mistakes when I try to start this photography stuff up again.

We are going to start with my very first newborn session. I had done her maternity and at the hospital shoots and they went fine so I wasn’t feeling super nervous. I had the studio set up and I had practiced changing backdrops and used stuffed dog toys as my fake baby to practice wrapping and posing and tested the lighting with my camera hundreds of times over, I was ready.

Babies cry, a lot. Especially if they have colic. I don’t have kids so I’m not exactly a professional when it comes to soothing a baby. I knew that a newborn session would take longer, like maybe 3 hours. In between feedings, changes, and soothing, 6.5 hours. That’s a long time for everyone involved. It was just me and the mother, huge tip right here: Have an assistant! Pay a friend or family member to help you. They would be useful for helping changing the backdrop quickly before baby starts screaming again, to hand over towels to prop up from underneath, to wipe up the drool or spit up. The other thing I didn’t think about beforehand, it’s gonna get hot. To keep the baby warm you have to have space heaters and heating pads on all the time or they are going to get cold and cranky and that is not good. Bending and crouching and sweating in a heat box, I’ve never done hot yoga before because quite frankly it sounds horrendous, but that’s what I assume I experienced.

Here is my official Newborn Session Checklist

  • Camera
  • 50mm lens
  • White sheet – diffuser/backdrop
  • Flash
  • Extra charged battery
  • Extra memory card
  • Big, fluffy, textured blankets
  • Wraps, hats, headbands
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Juice and water to stay hydrated
  • Baby brush
  • Pillows
  • Cloths and small towels to prop underneath drape
  • Strong clamps to hold blanket tight
  • Heater and heating pad, place the warm heating pad in the blanket to warm it up before placing baby on it
  • Noise maker for soothing white noise
  • Props, bowls, crates, wagon, scrabble tiles, glasses, PARENTS WEDDING RINGS, tutu, stuffed toys, books
  • Wear loose, breathable clothing
  • Waterproof mattress pad
  • Weights for inside the bowl, box, etc. to keep it sturdy and in place

Keep everything within arms-reach for quick and easy access.

I didn’t have a lot of these things and by then end I was dying. Let’s see how I did.









Not awful, I mean babies are adorable so it’s hard to have all bad photos. But it is apparent that I had no idea how to swaddle a baby. I wish that I had practiced that more and had help doing it. I also was nervous and wasn’t paying attention to my camera and was having an issue with the setting which slowed down my shutter, which made me miss when her eyes were open all the way. There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently, right down to not taking my time to edit. There is still quite a reddish tinge to some photos. And the mom wanted to get them printed herself, against my advice and got them done at Walmart and well, her baby is orange in the photos she had printed and sent out to everyone.

I also didn’t get paid for this until 4 months later, which is when I learned another valuable lesson. Take a deposit and make sure they know that full payment is due when services are rendered.

But we are going to have these mistakes and all we can do is learn from them and hope it goes better next time.

Take care and don’t forget to share your photos with me! I love to see the creative work of others.


What is Hudson & Blake

My name is Jessica, I live in a small town in Saskatchewan Canada, with my dog with hopes of two or three more. I post pages on here about handmade things that I create. I also keep a blog of what I’m up to and links to good things from all over.

I’ve been told that Libra’s don’t have hobbies, they just like to try all different things, I have found this to be true. I love trying new things and when I discover that I’m not half bad at it, I think I can make a business out of it. The problem is I lose interest in one thing quickly and have to move on to another. My granny is also famous for believing that I can do anything I put my mind to. We will be in the city shopping or perusing Pinterest and Etsy together and she would say “You could do that.” So I would go off and do it, then go overboard and get everything I could possibly need to set up shop. Here is a rundown of what I have started and not continued on with.

When I first moved to Saskatchewan I started a photography business. It started out as JRae Photography and eventually became Jessica Rae Photography. It actually did quite well and was well rounded with different types of photography, weddings, newborns, pets, portraits, family, etc. And I really did love it, but I didn’t like having to do it. So I eventually just stopped advertising and stopped taking on jobs. I still get requests for it and sometimes I agree.

Winters in Saskatchewan are very long, dark and cold. And since I’m not one for winter activities I generally like to learn something new (learning piano has been on the winter to do list for years) or start a new hobby. I knew a girl who decorated cakes and would post them all over Facebook. Sure they were nice enough, but for the price she was selling them for and the amount of orders she was getting, I was sure I could do better. So I did. I started Nested Bakery. I spent my evenings making fondant figures and intricate flowers and practicing icing techniques. Then I moved on to decorating sugar cookies. All I did was pin ideas on cookie decorating and watching tutorials.  I made them for everyone for Christmas and then the orders started coming in for specific designs and for birthdays and special occasions. I lacked the self confidence in being able to do it so I turned them down.

I pulled out my grandma’s old Jenome sewing machine that she gave me. I got obsessed with buying fabric and started making burp cloths, baby blankets, car seat covers, aprons, stuffed animals and everything baby related because I had a slight touch of baby fever. Thus emerged Jay’s Boutiques. I made labels and sewed them into everything I produced…then I hated the name.

In between all that I got into knitting and crocheting. I made wool hats and mittens for anyone who asked for them. It consumed my evening making two toques every night. They would take about an hour and a half if I didn’t get a hand cramp. I went to make one last night and I was so bored of it I couldn’t even get one row done.

The latest and greatest is handmade soaps, lip balms and body scrubs. I enjoy making these the most. I have finally found a great affordable supplier so I can keep the stock up. My boyfriend is a cheap farmer (I mean that in the most loving way possible)  and his mind revolves around ways to make money. He is the one who keeps me going with this and has my products being sold in a local salon and encourages me to reach out to other businesses. Although I hear a lot about cost margins and profitability and that’s not really my style. I pretty much used to give it all away.

I started all these different things and would start a blog specifically for them and twitter accounts and Facebook pages and I just couldn’t keep up. I don’t like to focus on just one thing at a time. So I present to you Hudson and Blake. The story behind the name will be revealed eventually.

I am just approaching my 24th birthday and I have lead an interesting life so far and I would really like to share it with you. I have travelled, loved, lost, and created. I have gone through some serious illness and have found the love of my life. We are going to get close you and I, so I hope you enjoy.